Sunshine project into Zhejiang mlkchina Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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On the evening of September 15th, in the sunny and fruitful golden autumn, the Xiaoxing Sunshine Project jointly initiated by the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang Xiaoxing Sunshine Culture Communication Co., Ltd. entered the vice chairman unit of the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Meilikai Photoelectric Technology Limited company. The activity aims to make the filial piety culture rooted in the heart of every employee of the company through the implementation of the Xiaoxing Sunshine Project, awaken and guide more employees to respect their parents, at the same time be grateful to the enterprise, loyal and dedicated, and truly be a family Socially responsible person.

△ The atmosphere of the venue is warm and full of seats

Zhejiang Meilikai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the management concept of managing enterprises with filial piety, insisting on rigorous and efficient work style, and creating the most happy enterprise. Chairman Deng Shimei warmly welcomed the arrival of “Xiaoxing Sunshine Project”.

△ Chairman Deng Shimei welcomed Xiaoxing Sunshine Project into the United States

The event kicked off with an affectionate speech by Chairman Lu Liangjie, the founder of Xiaoxing Sunshine Project. Chairman Lu has been cultivating in the photovoltaic industry for many years, and has extensive influence in the photovoltaic field in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. He is the Vice President of Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Zhejiang Province and the Executive Vice President of Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. He was once named as one of the top ten entrepreneurial news figures in Xiaogan City. While striving to promote the rapid development of the new energy industry, Chairman Lu also had his own unique thinking on the traditional cultural construction of the enterprise, especially the filial piety in different places, and clearly put forward the 2030 Xiaoxing China and Xiaoxing Sunshine Project initiatives.

It is reported that the first press conference of the Xiaoxing Sunshine Project was held on October 28, 2017 in Xiaogan, Hubei, where the demeanor is mellow. According to Lu Dong, the main purpose of this project is to organize and mobilize travellers, members of chambers of commerce, employees of member enterprises, and caring people from all walks of life, to build photovoltaic power stations for their parents in the hometown, elderly people who have lost their independence, and poor families. During the year, there are hundreds of yuan of continuous and stable solar power income every month, so that they can really keep them old and worry-free. The chairman of the conference site, Lu Liangjie, personally announced the construction of 10 charity power stations for the elderly who lost their independence in their hometown. The social responsibility and responsibility of a Chu businessman were undoubtedly revealed. Dozens of mainstream media such as Xinhuanet and Hubei Daily reported on the event.

△ Chairman Lu Liangjie, founder of Xiaoxing Sunshine Project, is affectionate

Subsequently, Ms. Jiao Rong, the ambassador of filial piety culture communication of Xiaoxing Sunshine Project, explained the core connotation of filial piety culture in the new period. Mr. Jiao first talked about the original intention of launching the Xiaoxing Sunshine Project. The company’s mission is to make filial piety in the lower reaches of the world. The vision is to build China’s first platform of filial piety, with core values ​​of gratitude, dedication, responsibility and inheritance. Then from the filial piety to manage the family, the filial piety to manage the enterprise, and the great filial piety to govern the country, combining the stories that touched China’s top ten figures Chen Binqiang and the general secretary’s home country feelings, the employees present were all impressed.

Finally, Mr. Jiao introduced the economic value and environmental protection value of photovoltaic power plant as a product of Xingxiao. “Filial piety is a ray of sunshine”, this proverb vividly illustrates the product characteristics and cultural connotation of photovoltaic power plants. It is reported that the photovoltaic power plant is not only the implementation path of Xingxiao, but also has unparalleled advantages in environmental protection and economic benefits. The construction of a home photovoltaic power plant can reduce 2.85 tons of carbon dioxide annually, which is equivalent to planting 158 trees. The annualized rate of return of household photovoltaic power stations is as high as 10.22% without including state subsidies and provincial subsidies. Practicing filial piety in this way not only protects the environment, but also creates incomes of hundreds of yuan for the elderly, and truly achieves a win-win situation in all aspects of filial piety, environmental protection and economy.

△ Ms. Jiao Rong, a communicator of filial piety, explained Xiaowen to everyone

According to the prediction of the United Nations Population Development Foundation, China will become the most aging country in 2030. Doing filial piety in different places will not only be a personal emotional and moral issue, but will also become a serious social problem. To this end, the Xiaoxing Zhonghua and Xiaoxing Sunshine Project will use the Zhejiang Hubei Chamber of Commerce as a starting point to organize and mobilize employees of member companies to carry out “I build a power station for their parents” activities, and gradually radiate to Hubei Chamber of Commerce and thousands of enterprises across the country. The Xiaoxing Sunshine Project is made into a well-known brand of Chinese filial piety culture industry.

△ The event ended successfully

Ms. Li Zeqiong, Secretary-General of Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Jiaxing, Ms. Jia Mu, the founder of Po Shangshan, Ms. Wang Xiaolu, founder of Yiming, Mr. Wang Tengfei, General Manager of Zhejiang Zhonggu Cultural Creative Co., Ltd., Mr. Shen Hanchun, General Manager of Jiaxing Hanchun Design Co., Ltd. Ms. Chen Qiuping, General Manager of Mat, and Ms. Fu Xiaoling, Director of Real Estate Marketing of Everyone, were present to help the event.