What are the types of Zhejiang LCM LCD screens?

LED backlight

Creative display screens such as special-shaped strip screens appear in our lives, creating colorful and different-shaped display systems for the world. The cross-design of the strip advertising screen breaks through the many limitations of the traditional LCD panel on the installation environment, making the project more flexible. 1. The field of smart city display In the field of smart city construction, public safety, transportation, people’s livelihood, etc. are closely related to the application of bar advertising screens, which will also promote its rapid development and market popularization, wall crack recommendation: Dongguan LCM LCD display What are the types? As a substitute for the mainstream large-screen display technology, the small-pitch strip advertising screen will also exert its inherent advantages of superior display. 2. In the field of intelligent transportation display, the bar advertising screen can be used as the display screen of bus stops and taxis on subways and buses.

It can serve all kinds of users with the advantages of system and large-size screen. In airports, subway stations, railway stations, bus stations, it can display route maps, timetables, station information or advertisements, etc., providing passengers with a variety of information at the same time; in the hotel lobby, what are the types of LCM LCD screens? Banks, In the ticket office, it presents real-time information such as currency exchange rates or service numbers; in elevators, it can accurately introduce floor information or promotions; in sales booths, cafeterias, it replaces traditional banners with dynamic images…