Professional R & D team can design LCD modules such as segment code, character dot matrix, graphic dot matrix, color, etc. according to customer needs.

About Us

Zhejiang MLK Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Pinghu Economic Development Zone, Jiaxing City, Yangtze River Delta. It specializes in R&D, production, sales and service of liquid crystal display modules (LCM), liquid crystal display (LCD) and backlight (BLU). It is a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

In the field of liquid crystal display modules, we continue to innovate and accumulate a wealth of experience to develop for different needs of users. Supporting design and obtaining customer recognition. Advanced production equipment, first-class professional technology, high-quality management personnel, strong technical force and development capability enable our independent research and development of liquid crystal display modules to meet the needs of the market and customers, and are widely used in communication and industrial control instruments. Different fields such as meters, GPS, car, and household appliances. The well-trained workforce is our strong backing based on fierce competition in the market; keeping up with the development direction of the times. It is an important guarantee for us to continuously develop the market and occupy the market.

We are determined to make progress and continue to innovate, and provide products with the most professional, customer satisfaction, market demand and even exceeding customer expectations. The company has established a complete quality management and environmental system, providing a powerful resource environment for ensuring the quality of products. At the same time, it has introduced international advanced management systems such as IS09001 / IS014001 / OHSAS18001 / GP. "As long as you give an idea, the other is handed over to us to ensure that the product you need is the most optimized design" is the commitment of the company to you, and our never-ending pursuit. The company's business objectives: to provide customers with high quality, suitable cost, delivery time products and services. To achieve a win-win situation with customers, provide education and training for employees, a broad space for development, a good work and living environment, achieve legal management with employees, create good performance, strengthen and long-term enterprises, participate in social welfare undertakings, and achieve social and social Win-win, establish a good partnership with suppliers to achieve a win-win situation with suppliers, provide investors with a higher return on investment, and achieve a win-win situation with investors.



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Quality and Service

"Excellence" of products mainly comes from "refinement". Comparing with other enterprises, it is more careful to listen to customers'opinions in the implementation of one-stop comprehensive quality control, including market investigation, development, design, external procurement, production preparation, production process control, inspection and testing, sales and customer service. See, carefully designed, carefully produced, carefully tested and carefully provided services.
  • The FirstCustomer First, Careful Design

    Although the quality of products is closely related to manufacture and use, the design of products plays a decisive role in the inherent quality of products. Because the quality of products meets the use requirements, mainly depends on the design process. If the reliability, economy and practicability of products are caused by low-level design, then the use and processing of products can not be compensated for. Therefore, successful enterprises are based on the idea of "users are God" and all proceed from meeting the needs of users.
  • The SecondProduction Process "Paying Attention toProduction Process "Paying Attention to Details"

    As far as manufacturing process is concerned, the factors affecting product quality can be summarized as follows: operators, raw materials, machinery and equipment, operation methods and production environment. The quality of products mainly depends on the quality of the process and the quality and changes of its various factors. For this reason, we have made great efforts to train and educate operators'skills, to control raw materials, to pay attention to intensive cultivation, and to maintain a good production environment.
  • The ThirdStrict inspection

    The technical inspection of the product is an important part of the quality control in the production process. In the process of product inspection, we all adhere to the idea that the next process is the customer. Careful technical inspection of product quality. In the inspection, according to the technical standards of the products, the quality of raw materials and work-in-progress, semi-finished products, finished products and processes are inspected, and the unqualified raw materials are strictly put into operation, the unqualified parts are not in sequence, and the unqualified semi-finished products are inspected. Not used, unqualified products are not shipped. We emphasize the concept that "quality is the life of the enterprise", and "prevention is the mainstay, and it is necessary to plan ahead" is an important link and a guide for overall quality management. On the one hand, the check between the processes is an afterthought for this process, but it is a prior prevention for the next process. The quality information that has been discovered is fed back to the process of the upper and lower processes, prompting them to take improvement measures, thereby gradually forming a quality protection system for the entire production process.
  • The FourthUser Service, Win Trust

    The management of product sales process and use process is also an indispensable part of overall quality control. The main task of these two processes management is to provide high quality customer service. User service mainly includes two aspects: sales service and after-sales service. The former mainly includes: providing customers with optimized design schemes, introducing product performance, providing convenience in sales time, location and mode; the latter mainly includes technical services such as after-sales use, maintenance and so on.


The company has established a complete quality management and environmental system, providing a powerful resource environment to ensure the quality of the products, and introduced the international advanced management system such as 1509001 \ I 5014001 \ OHSAS180O 1 \ Gp. Adhering to the "customer first, integrity-based" service purposes to provide customers with all-weather, all-round caring services, with high-quality product quality, so that every customer is 100% assured.
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