LED backlight

LED backlight analysis

The development of the backlight can be traced back to the period of World War II. At that time, ultra-small tungsten filament lamps were used as the backlight of aircraft instruments. This is the initial stage of backlight development. After half a century of development, the backlight has now become an independent electronic discipline, and has gradually formed a research and development hot spot.

The rise of the TFT industry in mainland China has affected the investment of the entire upstream supporting material manufacturers. The series of investment cases of TFT panels and liquid crystal modules in mainland China have made Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, which have experience in upstream material production technology, all pay close attention to the pulse of TFT investment in mainland China. For the key material backlight industry, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan include local companies in mainland China, and backlight module companies have reached the stage of fierce competition … Especially worth mentioning is that CCFL tape is even more brilliant, gathering global top-tier suppliers 3M., Nitto, Sekisui, Siwei, and South Korea Tapes are stationed in mainland China. The huge CCFL business opportunities will speed up the localization of the TFT industry in mainland China. Instead, they will increase the cost of backlight materials a lot. Innovative, the current domestic high-quality material 3G-BW650M black and white double-sided adhesive has won everyone’s trust with high quality, stable production capacity and comprehensive service in the industry.
Adhesive technology in the LCD backlight industry
· 3G-BW650M black and white double-sided adhesive is mainly used in backlights for fixing and shading (to block the edge light and the light of the lamp position), also called shading film, black and white film, abbreviated as black and white adhesive.
· Compared with the backlight used by TFT-LCD, the requirement of shading is higher, so most of the black and white glue is applied to the backlight of TFT-LCD.
In addition to black and white glue, there is also black and black glue (black on both sides), the main role is still fixed, shading; black and silver glue (single-sided black, single-sided silver), in addition to shading, the silver surface has a reflective effect. Relatively black and white glue is the mainstream product in the market.
Features of 3G-BW650M black and white double-sided adhesive
· It is mainly fixed and shading. Compared with this feature, its own characteristics in production and use are mainly manifested in viscosity.
· The viscosity of black and white glue is higher than that of white. The white face needs to be bigger, because the white face is connected to the rubber frame, and the black face is connected to the glass. The rubber frame is worse than the glass to the glue, so the white face is needed. The viscosity is greater to ensure the stability of the entire module. This is also a feature that customers are relatively concerned about when introducing.
3G-BW650M black and white adhesive market demand
· Because small-size TFT LCD modules are mainly used in mobile phones and MP3 / 4/5 terminal products, the annual production volume of mobile phones and MP3 / 4/5 is basically the demand for black and white double-sided adhesive for the entire backlight industry.
China is expected to produce about 800 million mobile phones this year, which is one-third of the world’s mobile phone production, while MP3 / 4/5 will basically have about 300 million mobile phones, which is more than half of the world’s production.
· The average production of 300-500 small-size backlights requires one square meter of 3G-BW650M black and white double-sided tape, and the annual demand is about 30-40 million square meters.
Characteristics of 3G black and white glue for LED backlight
►3G-BW650M black and white adhesive is a double-sided black-and-white adhesive, the thickness of black and white adhesive is 0.065MM, the material is PET, the adhesion of white surface> 1.9KG / IN, the adhesion of black surface> 1.7KG / IN, the holding power> 20H, shading Rate> 99.8%, reflectivity> 86%, use temperature is -10-100 ℃, tensile strength is 200-270 Newton; 3G-BW650M black and white glue adopts medium release PET release film, punching and rotary cutting It has good processing performance and is not easy to break during high temperature and high speed operation. There will be no glue overflow. 3G-BW650M black and white glue has the following characteristics:

►The thickness is very accurate, and the thickness of the whole material is very uniform.
►Excellent workability, can be cut into precise die-cut shapes, or can be adhered by hand
►High cutting strength
►Mainly used for sticking on the product light source or the side of the product, mainly for shielding and reflecting light
3G-BW650M black and white glue is widely used in notebook computers. Cell phone. PDA. Digital display components such as backlight frame fixation and shading effect.
Origin and development
With the continuous development of LCD technology

With the development, the application fields of liquid crystal displays, especially color liquid crystal displays, are also continuously expanding. Driven by the liquid crystal display market, the backlight industry presents a scene of prosperity.