Zhejiang Science and Technology Enterprise

6 national invention patents and 28 new utility patents


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Automated production line


Automatic assembly line


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Hardware strength

Established a sound quality management and environmental system

Quality Since the beginning of 2006, the company has continuously improved its technical level and quality control ability through years of practical experience, and can effectively solve the problems that customers are concerned before. Through years of production control, our product quality has reached the absolute advantage of 200PPM.

Delivery period The company has completed the division of labor from the opening of the mold, injection molding, printing, and filming, and effectively reduced the preparation schedule of each link. Effectively shorten the time cost and cost of each process. This shortens the development cycle and delivery cycle, while also saving material costs and operating costs.


R & D strength

Received 6 invention patents and 18 new utility patents from the National Patent Office

Technology Company collaborating unit: Institute of Optical Engineering, Zhejiang University; relying on the national key disciplines of optical engineering, it is at the domestic leading level in the fields of optical sensing technology, microstructure and optics, imaging technology and image engineering, precision measurement and testing, optical design, etc. Has a distinctive research feature.

Research and development The company's technical department has many years of rich product development experience, in the control of structure, process, etc.; especially in the field of smart meter industry, consumer electronics industry, industrial control display instrument, etc., can reasonably optimize the product according to customer product characteristics. . Thereby reducing product costs, structural costs and more in-depth protection of product quality. To improve customer productivity.