Integrity creates quality, innovation leads the future

Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise
The total investment is 120 million yuan, 18 automated production lines, 12 automatic assembly lines, 70% automation level, 180 employees, and daily average capacity of 200,000 pcs.
  • 30 acres of land
  • 2.2 million mu of construction area
  • 240 million economic output value
  • 18 automatic production lines
MLK business scope

LCM module field, LED backlight, LCD

We continue to innovate and accumulate a wealth of experience, develop and match the different needs of users, and obtain customer recognition. Advanced production equipment, first-class professional technology, high-quality management personnel, strong technical force and development capability, constantly meet the needs of the market and customers, and are widely used in communication, industrial instrumentation, GPS, vehicle, and hobby. Different fields such as electrical appliances.

1509001 \ I 5014001 \ OHSAS180O 1 \ Gp and other international advanced management systems

Complete quality management and environmental system

In order to ensure the quality of the product, it provides a powerful resource environment, and at the same time introduces the international advanced management system such as 1509001 \ I 5014001 \ OHSAS180O 1 \ Gp. Adhering to the "customer first, integrity-based" service purposes to provide customers with all-weather, all-round caring services, with high-quality product quality, so that every customer is 100% assured.